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Expert Dermatology in Lynchburg, VADermatology Consultants is proud to be consistently voted Lynchburg’s #1 dermatology practice. Our skilled providers have over 165 years of combined experience, and we specialize in a variety of medical, surgical, and cosmetic services to help our patients achieve healthy, vibrant skin. Continue reading to learn about one of our specialties: moles & birthmarks.

Moles and Birthmarks

Both moles and birthmarks are growths that develop on the skin. They can form anywhere on the body. Although they are usually harmless, sometimes they can develop into something more serious, such as a melanoma. Many people choose to remove unsightly moles or birthmarks to improve their appearance or to address a possible risk of melanoma, or other issue.

Types of Moles

Moles occur when small pigmented skin cells, called melanocytes, grow together in a cluster. Moles are extremely common; in fact, most adults have an average of 30 moles of various sizes located on various areas of their bodies. The three most common types of moles are:

  • The Common Mole — Also known as an acquired mole, these moles typically appear on the skin after birth, and are completely harmless. However, having over 50 of them may increase the risk of melanoma, so be sure to have them monitored by your dermatologist.
  • The Congenital Mole — These are moles that are present at birth.
  • The Atypical Mole — Atypical moles, also called dysplastic nevus, are more abnormal in appearance than common or congenital moles. They can have discolorations or be more than one color, be an odd shape, and are usually larger in size.
Types of Birthmarks

A birthmark is a colored mark on the skin that appears either at birth, or shortly afterward. Most birthmarks are permanent. However, some types will fade as children grow older. Many people wish to remove birthmarks, especially if they are located on a prominent spot on the body and are very noticeable. Common types of birthmarks include:

  • Cafe Au Lait — Spots that are pale brown in color and oval in shape.
  • Mongolian Blue Spots — Bluish gray spots that can be mistaken for bruising, usually on the lower back and buttocks.
  • Port-Wine Stain — Spots that are pink, red, dark red, or purple in color. Because of the abnormal formation of blood vessels under the skin, this kind of birthmark typically has a thick or pebbled texture.
  • Hemangiomas — Also called strawberry or cherry hemangiomas, these spots can be pink, blue, or bright red in color. They may start out small and flat, but can grow larger and more textured.
  • Salmon Patches — These are pink or red patches caused by small blood vessels under the skin. They are sometimes called “stork bites” or “angel kisses”.

Are Moles Or Birthmarks Dangerous?
In most cases, both moles and birthmarks are generally benign with no health risks associated. However, your Lynchburg, VA dermatology practice recommends that any marks on the skin be regularly monitored for changes—in the unlikely event that a more serious issue should develop.

Mole & Birthmark Dermatology Services

Whether you are concerned about the changes you’ve noticed in a mole or birthmark, or simply want to improve your appearance and increase your self-confidence, your trusted Lynchburg, VA dermatology practice is proud to specialize in the removal of moles and birthmarks.

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