While the difference between sun blockage in SPF 50 and SPF 100 sunscreen is only 1%, that 1% really does matter! Our expert dermatologists at Dermatology Consultants are committed to sharing important sunscreen and skincare knowledge like this with you. Keep reading to learn more sunscreen facts that you need to know!

Most People Under-Apply Sunscreen

Did you know that 99% of dermatologists agree that sunscreen users under-apply sunscreen? This fact alone increases the value of SPF 100 sunscreen because if people are already under-applying their sunscreen, they will benefit from having that extra blockage and coverage.

Proven Studies

Proven StudiesHigher SPF works better in real-world conditions. Two studies have shown this to be conclusively true. The first of these studies featured results that showed greater protection against sunburn utilizing SPF 85 vs. SPF 50 when skiers were using two different formulations in a split-face application fashion when skiing in Colorado. The second study also demonstrated how higher SPF outperforms lower SPF. In this study there were additional controls—patients could reapply their provided SPFs; they then tracked reapplication and UV exposure with half-hour logs. The products used in the study were weighed at the start and end of the study.

What do we take away from this? The results clearly illustrated that SPF 100 worked significantly better in terms of protection than SPF 50. In the second study, the sides of the face that used SPF 50 were 11 times more likely to become sunburned.

Furthermore, the benefit of higher SPF is truly tied to real-world use. For example, if you use SPF 100 and apply 25% of the rated amount, you would be getting a coverage level of 25. However, if you use SPF 15 at a 25% application rate then you’d get a coverage level of 3 or 4.

Skin Cancer is an Epidemic

Skin cancer is the leading type of cancer in the United States — 1 in 50 people will develop some form of melanoma in their lifetime. For this reason, it is not only important to wear sunscreen, but it is also important to apply it evenly and use the right level of SPF. There is great value in using higher SPF sunscreen when people have acute and long-term exposure to the sun, and for someone who is participating in an extended outdoor activity, this is extremely important.

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