Cold air and low humidity can destroy the barrier of healthy oils responsible for keeping your skin moisturized and soft. Follow these tips to protect your skin from damage and discomfort!

1- Use Sunscreen Year Round

Though you might not be outside as much as in summer, UV rays are just as harmful in the wintertime. Sunlight reflects off of snow, and clouds only filter 25% of damaging rays. We recommend a non-comedogenic, hydrating sunscreen that won’t block pores and can double as your daily moisturizer.

2- Ditch Hot Showers

They feel like heaven in the wintertime, but hot showers dehydrate your skin. Unlike cool or lukewarm water, hot water strips the healthy oil from your skin, exposing it to damage, so avoid it even when just washing your face and hands.

3- Find a Good Moisturiser

Protect your skin with a daily cream-based moisturizer. Choose one that is mild, especially if you have sensitive skin, and if you can, choose one with SPF or use it in conjunction with a daily sunscreen.

4- Shield Skin From Wind

Wind damages skin just like the cold and sun. Shield your skin by applying sunscreen as a moisturizer and barrier, then bundle up with a scarf or, in harsher conditions, a ski mask or balaclava. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and stay out of direct wind whenever possible.

5- Treat Dryness and Cracking

If your skin becomes dry and cracked in places, wash it as little as possible and do not use cleansers while it repairs. Apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly to protect it from the cold and wind, and drink water to replenish your skin’s moisture and promote healing.

A dermatologist can answer any questions you have about your skin’s health. If dry, painful skin doesn’t improve in 2 weeks, or you develop new symptoms, consult a professional. At Dermatology Consultants, we have years of experience in the treatment of skin conditions and cosmetic concerns, visit us any time of year to prevent skin damage and improve your skin’s health and appearance.